Weekly Shape Stats/Medial Geometry Meetings
Presentations from Spring 2003 Schedule
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Date Speaker Department Topic
1/9/03 Tom Fletcher UNC CS Lie group PCA
1/13/03     cancelled
1/20/03     Martin Luther King Jr. Day
1/27/03 Rima Izem UNC Statistics Quantifying non-linear variations in evolutionary biology performance curves
2/03/03 Steve Marron UNC Statistics Geometric representations of high-dimension low-samplesize (HDLSS) data
2/10/03 Paul Yushkevich UNC CS Results of applying feature selection to hippocampus data provided by Csernansky et al.
2/17/03 No Meeting   Meeting cancelled
2/24/03 Jim Damon UNC Math Intrinsic Medial Measures for Sampling Geometry on the Boundary
3/03/03 Jim Damon UNC Math continued from Feb 24 meeting
3/10/03 none    Spring Recess
3/17/03 Paul Yushkevich UNC CS  
3/24/03 Shawn Liu


Tech report - Subfigure m-reps 
3/31/03 Mike Kerckhove University of Richmond
Math & CS 
Meeting cancelled
4/7/03 Shawn Liu UNC CS  continuation of March 24 talk
4/14/03 Guido Gerig UNC CS Locality of significant shape differences between groups by correction for multiple tests
4/21/03 Roland Pilgram UMIT, Austria Summary of research done at UNC CS during April 2003
4/28/03 Tom Fletcher UNC CS Gaussian distributions on covering spaces
5/04/03 Mike Kerchove University of Richmond
Math & CS 
Interpolation of medial atoms with the unitangent bundle 
5/12/03 Marcel Prastawa UNC CS Robust estimation for brain tumor segmentation