Weekly Shape Stats/Medial Geometry Meetings
Spring 2005 Presentations

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Date Speaker Department Topic
1/5/05 No Meeting   Semester opens Friday, January 7

Spring semester organizational meeting

If you are unable to attend and want your scheduling conflicts considered in rescheduling this meeting for the new semester, pls send your schedule to Delphi Bull (bull@cs.unc.edu).

1/19/05 Open discussion    
1/26/05 Open discussion    
2/9/05 Tim Terriberry UNC CS IPMI 2005 paper submission
2/16/05 Isabelle Corouge UNC CS and Psychiatry Fiber tract-oriented statistics of DTI
2/23/05 Steve Marron UNC Statistics The Gaussian distribution on manifolds: the random walk approach
3/2/05 Mark Foskey UNC Radiation Oncology Pick One: 3 Totally Different Anisotropic Gaussian-Like Distributions on the Sphere
Meeting rescheduled for 1:30 - 2:30, just for this week
3/9/05 Steve Pizer UNC CS A Unified Theory for the Statistics of Both Geometry and Intensity
3/16/05 No Meeting   Spring Break
3/23/05 Martin Styner UNC CS and Psychiatry Shape Models on Object Sets
3/30/05 Keith Muller UNC Biostatistics Correlation and Regression in Medical Imaging
4/6/05 Steve Marron UNC Statistics Canonical correlation
4/13/05 Steve Pizer UNC CS M-rep shape statistics with multiple levels of differences
4/20/05 Steve Pizer UNC CS M-rep shape statistics with multiple levels of differences (cont.)
4/27/05 Keith Muller UNC Biostatistics Tests re: sufficiency of m-reps sampling
5/4/05 Keith Muller UNC Biostatistics cont. Tests re: sufficiency of m-reps sampling
5/11/05 Sorin Mitran UNC Applied Math Dept Tensor Component Analysis
5/18/05 Rohit Saboo
Ja-Yeon Jeong
UNC CS - Results of fitting smooth shapes to sparce contours using geodesic snakes
- M-rep statistics of bent elypsoids