Weekly Shape Stats/Medial Geometry Meetings
Presentations from Summer 2003 Schedule
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Date Speaker Department Topic
5/19/03 Mike Kerchove University of Richmond
Math & CS 
cont. from 5/4: Interpolation of medial atoms with the unitangent bundle 
5/26/03 No Meeting Memorial Day Holiday
6/2/03 Sean Ho UNC CS Multiscale statistical image-match model
6/9/03 David Banks CS
Florida State
Toward a Generic Algorithm for Visualization
6/16/03 Qiong Han UNC CS Subfigures with blending
6/23/03 No Meeting Meeting Canceled
6/30/03 Steve Marron UNC Statistics ICA (work of Inge Koch using James Chen's data)
7/7/03 Joshua Stough UNC CS ASM-like profile model on m-reps
7/14/03 No Meeting   No Meeting
7/21/03 No Meeting   No Meeting
7/28/03 No Meeting   No Meeting
8/4/03 No Meeting   No Meeting
8/11/03 No Meeting   No Meeting
8/18/03 Isabelle Corouge UNC CS and Psychiatry Research from dissertation work