Statistics of Geometry Tutorials
October 10, 11, & 14, 2002
Held in the UNC Computer Science Dept

Presenter Presentation Title Link to presentation file
Tom Fletcher PCA of medial atom collections pdf format
Guido Gerig Statistics of shape in brain research: Methods and Applications pdf format
Guido Gerig Model building from populations PowerPoint format
Sean Ho Multiscale intensity statistics in object-intrinsic coordinates pdf format
Sarang Joshi Statistics of displacement maps relative to an atlas pdf format
Conglin Lu Markov random fields with applications to m-reps models pdf format
Steve Marron Variability and discrimination analysis techniques via components;
stats of topology
pdf format
Keith Muller Multivariate and Multivariable Statistical Analysis of Geometry pdf format
pdf format
Steve Pizer Object representations, incl. m-reps, object-intrinsic coordinates,
probabilities on object representations
PowerPoint format
Joshua Stough Monte Carlo synthesis of test images for validating segmentation pdf format
Paul Yushkevich Statistics of multiscale residues, statistics for determining correspondence pdf format

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