Weekly Shape Stats / Object Geometry Meetings
Friday, 3 p.m., 284 Sitterson Hall
Spring 2012 Schedule
Date Speaker Topic
Jan 13 Wenqi Zhang Tool for generating test ellipsoids for S-reps, CPNS and eigenmodes for S-reps
Jan 20 Lei Pan Position based claret in abdomen, position pinned grayscale claret
Jan 27 Chen-Rui Chou Projection metric learning for shape kernel regression
Feb 3 Xiaojie Zhao
Brandon Frederick
LNCC in registration, and "Simultaneous multi-scale registrtion using large deformation metric mapping"
Feb 10 General Discussion
Feb 17 Marc Niethammer Open discussion on Fluid Registration
Feb 24 General Disucssion
March 2 Stephan Huckemann Some Asymptotics for Non-Euclidean Data
March 9   No Shape Stats: Spring break
March 16 Ipek Oguz Particle correspondence: recent updates
March 23 Milan Sonka
The University of Iowa
Graph Algorithmic Techniques for Biomedical Image Analysis (Time: 11:00AM-12:00PM, 1131 Bioinformatics)
March 30 Brandon Frederick A patient specific deformation model in the male pelvis for 3D/2D registration in IGRT
Apr 13 Vic Patragenaru
Florida State University
Nonparametric Two Sample Tests in Diffusion Tensor Imaging Analysis
Apr 20 Jared Vicory Recent advancements in the fitting and statistical analysis of s-reps
Apr 27 Steve Pizer and Steve Marron Research Update;

Shape Stats Schedule coordinator: Hina Shah
To present or join the group please contact me at hinashah {at} cs {dot} unc {dot} edu

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