Weekly Shape Stats / Object Geometry Meetings
Friday, 2 p.m., 284 Sitterson Hall
Fall 2012 Schedule
Date Speaker Topic
Aug 24 Steve Marron Informal discussion on PCA of diffeomorphisms
Aug 31 Juan Carlos Research Update
Sept 7 N/A Open Discussion
Sept 14 Steve Pizer et al S-reps for Objects in the Context of Others, and Statistics on Such Models
Sept 21 Steve Pizer et al Continuation of 9/14 talk
Sept 28 Mahshid Farzinfar DWI-DTI quality control in the context of developing software package
Oct 5 Chantal Muller The CREATIS lab and fusion, filtering and segmentation research there
Oct 12 Juan Carlos Prieto S-rep Crest Interpolation
Oct 19 No Meeting Fall Break
Oct 26 Chen-Rui Chou MICCAI debrief
Nov 2 N/A Open Discussion
Nov 9 Kai Zhang Valid Post-Selection Inference
Nov 16 Jiayang Sun
Nov 23 No Meeting Thanksgiving
Nov 30 Beatriz Paniagua 3D quantification of brain shape and volume in craniosynostosis
Dec 7 Juan Carlos Prieto Research Review
Dec 14 N/A Open Discussion
Dec 21 No Meeting Holidays
Dec 28 No Meeting Holidays

Shape Stats Schedule coordinator: Jared Vicory
To present at or join the group please contact me at jvicory {at} cs {dot} unc {dot} edu

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