PhD Dissertations
(listed alphabetically)


Broadhurst, Robert E. (2008). Compact Appearance in Object Populations Using Quantile Function Based Distribution Families. Advisor: Prof. Stephen Pizer

Clary, Gregory (2003). Image Sequence Classification via Anchor Primitives. Advisor: Prof. Stephen Pizer

Chou, Chen-Rui (2013). Regression Learning for 2D/3D Image Registration. Advisor: Prof. Stephen Pizer

Crouch, Jessica (2003). Medial Techniques for Automating Finite Element Analysis. Advisor: Prof. Stephen Pizer

Dam, Erik (2003). Committing Medical Image Analysis. Advisor: Prof. Mads Nielson. Co-supervised by: Prof. Stephen Pizer

Davis, Bradley (2008). Medical Image Analysis via Frechet Means of Diffeomorphisms.Advisor: Prof. Sarang Joshi

Fletcher, P Thomas (2004). Statistical Variability in Nonlinear Spaces: Application to Shape Analysis and DT-MRI. Advisor: Prof. Stephen Pizer

Frederick, Brandon (2013). Segmenting the Male Pelvic Organs From Limited Angle Images With Application to ART. Advisors: Prof. David Lalush and Prof. Stephen Pizer

Fridman, Yonatan (2004). Extracting Branching Object Geometry via Cores. Advisor: Prof. Stephen Pizer

Gao. Yaozong (2016). Accurate CT Pelvic Organ Segmentation in Image Guided Radiotherapy of Prostate Cancer. Advisor: Prof. Dinggang Shen

Gasparovic, Ellen (2012). The Blum Medial Linking Structure for Multi-Region Analysis. Advisor: Prof. Jim Damon

Han, Qiong (2008). Proper Shape Representation of Single Figure and Multi-Figure Anatomical Objects. Advisor: Prof. Stephen Pizer

Ho, Sean (2004). Profile Scale Spaces for Statistical Image Match in Bayesian Segmentation. Advisor: Prof. Guido Gerig

Hong, Yi (2016). Image and Shape Analysis for Spatiotemporal Data. Advisor: Prof. Marc Niethammer

Hong, Junpyo (2018). Classification of Neuroanatomical Structures based on Non-Euclidean Geometric Object Properties. Advisor: Prof. Stephen Pizer

Jeong, Ja-Yeon (2009). Estimation of Probability Distributions on Multiple Anatomical Objects and Evaluation of Statistical Shape Models. Advisor: Prof. Stephen Pizer

Jung, Sungkyu (2011). Asymptotics for High Dimension Low Sample Size Data and Analysis of Data on Manifolds. Advisor: Prof. J. Steve Marron

Kabul, Ilknur (2012). Patient-specific anatomical illustration via model-guided texture synthesis. Advisor: Prof. Stephen Pizer

Katz, Robert (2002). Form Metrics for Interactive Rendering via Figural Models of Perception. Advisor: Prof. Stephen Pizer

Lee, Huai-Ping (2012).Simulation-Based Joint Estimation of Body Deformation and Elasticity Parameters for Medical Image Analysis. Advisor: Prof. Ming Lin

Levy, Josh (2008). Refinement of Object-Based Segmentation. Advisor: Prof. Stephen Pizer

Liu, Xiaoxiao (2011). Shape-correlated Statistical Modeling and Analysis for Respiratory Motion Estimation. Advisor: Prof. Stephen Pizer

Lorenzen, Peter (2006). Multi-Modal Image Registration and Atlas Formation. Advisor: Prof. Sarang Joshi

Lyu, Ilwoo (2017). Cortical Surface Registration and Shape Analysis. Advisor: Prof. Martin Styner

Merck, Derek (2009). Model-Guided Rendering for Medical Images. Advisor: Prof. Stephen Pizer

Oguz, Ipek (2009). Groupwise Shape Correspondence with Local Features. Advisor: Prof. Martin Styner

Prastawa, Marcelinus (2007). An MRI Segmentation Framework for Brains with Anatomical Deviations. Advisor: Prof. Guido Gerig

Prieto, Juan Carlos (2014). Multiparametric Organ Modeling for Shape Statistics and Simulation Procedures. Advisor: Prof. Stephen Pizer

Rosenthal, Michael (2005). Three-Dimensional Registration and Tracking of Vascular Structures Using Calibrated Biplane Fluoroscopy. Advisor: Prof. Henry Fuchs

Saboo, Rohit (2011). Atlas Diffeomorphisms via Object Models. Advisor: Prof. Stephen Pizer

Sen, Suman K., "Classification on Manifolds," University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2008. Advisor: James S. Marron

Stetten, George (1999). Automated Identification and Measurement of Cardiac Anatomy via Statistical Analysis of Medial Primitives. Advisor: Prof. Stephen Pizer

Stough, Joshua V. (2008). Clustering and Shifting of Regional Appearance for Deformable Model Segmentation. Advisor: Prof. Stephen Pizer

Thall, Andrew (2004). Deformable Solid Modeling via Medial Sampling and Displacement Subdivision. Advisor: Prof. Stephen Pizer

Terriberry,Timothy B. (2006). Continuous Medial Models in Two-Sample Statistics of Shape Advisor: Prof. Guido Gerig

Vicory, Jared (2016). Shape Deformation Statistics and Regional Texture-based Appearance Models for Segmentation. Advisor: Prof. Stephen Pizer

Wang, Haonan (2003). Functional Data Analysis of Populations of Tree-structured Objects. Advisor: Prof. J Steve Marron

Wang, Qian (2013). Registration of Brain MR Images in Large-Scale Populations. Advisor: Prof. Dinggang Shen

Yushkevich, Paul (2003). Statistical Shape Characterization Using the Medial Representation. Advisor: Prof. Stephen Pizer

Zhang, Jingdan (2009). Object Detection and Segmentation Using Discriminative Learning. Advisor: Prof. Leonard McMillan

Zhao, Qingyu (2017). Surface Registration for Pharyngeal Radiation Treatment Planning. Advisor: Prof. Stephen Pizer