Weekly Shape Stats / Object Geometry Meetings
Friday, 2 p.m., 284 Sitterson Hall
Spring 2014 Schedule
Date Speaker Topic
Jan 10 N/A No Meeting
Jan 17 Amanda Nelson Joint Shape and Osteoarthritis
Jan 24 Nikhil Singh Multivariate Regression of Shapes via Deformation Momenta: Application to Quantifying Brain Atrophy in Aging and Dementia
Jan 31 Stein Olav Skrøvseth Tromsø Telemedicine Laboratory: Analysis, Visualization and Decision Support
Feb 7 N/A Open Meeting
Feb 14 N/A Campus Closed
Feb 21 N/A Open discussion of backwards PCA on (S^2)^k
Feb 28 N/A No Meeting
Mar 7 N/A No Meeting
Mar 14 N/A No Meeting (Spring Break)
Mar 21 Fabian Telschow Biomecanical Gait Analysis: Towards an two sample mean curve test on SO(3)
Mar 28 N/A
Apr 4 Liyun Tu
Apr 11 Junpyo Hong
Apr 18 N/A No Meeting (University Holiday)
Apr 25 Nikhil Singh Splines for diffeomorphic image regression
May 2 Martin Styner Visualization of low dimensional classification codes with application to autism
May 9 N/A Open Discussion

Shape Stats Schedule coordinator: Istvan Csapo
To present at or join the group please contact me at icsapo {at} cs {dot} unc {dot} edu

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