Weekly Shape Stats / Object Geometry Meetings
Thursday, 2 p.m., 284 Sitterson Hall
Fall 2014 Schedule
Date Speaker Topic
Aug 28 N/A Open discussion
Sept 4 N/A Open discussion - correspondence in classification problems
Sept 11 Steve Marron General discussion of and questions about Kidney Cancer Data Analysis
Sept 18 Bea Paniagua Open discussion on multidimensional classification
Sept 25 N/A Open dicussion
Oct 2 Xiao Yang Uncertainty quantification for image registration: sampling-based and Hessian-based analysis
Oct 9 N/A No Meeting
Oct 16 N/A No Meeting (Fall break)
Oct 23 Bea Paniagua Open discussion on multidimensional classification (cont.)
Oct 30 Junpyo Hong On Comparing different Statistical Shape Analysis Techniques
Nov 6 True Price 3D Reconstruction from Endoscope and CT: Methods and Challenges
Nov 13 Jie Xiong High dimension low sample size classification using Radial Distance Weighted Discrimination
Nov 20 N/A Open discussion
Nov 27 N/A No Meeting (Thanksgiving break)
Dec 4 N/A Open discussion
Dec 11

Shape Stats Schedule coordinator: Istvan Csapo
To present at or join the group please contact me at icsapo {at} cs {dot} unc {dot} edu

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